AutoMailMerge: Sending Emails via Microsoft Outlook

AutoMailMerge provides multiple emailing methods for sending PDF documents generated from the mail merge process. The most convenient method is to send emails via Microsoft Outlook application. If you already have Outlook installed on the computer, then you can easily use it to send emails from AutoMailMerge. The advantages of this method are:
  • Use already configured email accounts, no need for separate account setup.
  • All emails will be stored in Outlook’s “Sent” folder and easily accessible/searchable if necessary.
  • Emails are handled by Microsoft Outlook with all options applied (signatures, security, encryption).
  • Emailing is done in the background while you can continue using Adobe Acrobat without waiting for emailing to finish.
  • Stop/resume emailing by switching Outlook online/offline.
How to Configure Email Settings
1. Select "Plug-ins > Mail Merge..." from the main Acrobat menu.
Start AutoMailMerge from the menu
2. Press "Edit Settings" button to open configuration wizard.
Press Edit Settings button
3. Configure processing settings and press "Next >>" button multiple times until you arrive to "Email Server Type" screen.
Select "Use Your Default Email Program" option and then choose "Send email silenly via Microsoft Outlook" option. Press "Next >>" button.
Select emailing option to send via Outlook
4. Enter email address you want to send emails from. This email address must correspond to an existing account in your copy of Microsoft Outlook. You can send emails from any account that is listed in Outlook's Account Settings. You can enter anything in "Sender Email" field, it is not used in this emailing mode. Emails will come based on the account configuration in Outlook.
5. Press "Send Test Email" button to send a test email message from the selected account.
Send a test email message
6. You should see the following confirmation message:
Confirmation message
7. Switch to Microsoft Outlook and check if you have received a test message:
Check email message in Outlook
Now you have successfully configured emailing via Microsoft Outlook from AutoMailMerge.