Compiling PDF Links From Multiple Sources
PDF Linking By Multiple Users
It is often necessary to divide work on the same PDF document among multiple people. For example, a large PDF document is given to a group of workers for creating links. The common question is how the resulting links can be compiled together from copies of the original PDF into the original PDF document for creating a final result.
Workflow Description
  1. Distribute the original PDF document among team members for link building.
  2. Assign a working page range for each team member.
  3. Each team member exports resulting links into a text file once finished working on their part of the document. This functionality is provided by AutoBookmark plug-in for Adobe Acrobat via “Plug-ins > Links > Export To Text” menu.
  4. Compile all links into original PDF document by importing text files with links from team members by using “Plug-ins > Links > Import from Text” menu. This functionality is also provided by AutoBookmark plug-in. This will produce a single PDF document with links created by multiple team members.