Creating Links From File Names Using AutoBookmark™ Plug-in For Adobe® Acrobat®
It is often necessary to add links to text in the PDF document that will point to other files. Clicking on the link will open another PDF document or file. Typically, this requires finding a text that matches a corresponding file name and automatically adding a hyperlink to it. The AutoBookmark software provides tools for performing this operation in just few mouse clicks.

Linking Approach
Link annotations can be automatically added to text in the PDF document by using "Link dictionaries". The “Link dictionary" allows associating a word or sentence with a desired hyperlink action. The approach is to automatically create in “dictionary” search terms from a list of files in the specific folder, search in a PDF document for matching text, and generate links for all matching occurrences. For example, if there is a file named “Appendix 1.pdf”, then a search term will be added by using “Appendix 1”, as a search text, and “Open a file” action, that is pointing to Appendix 1.pdf file. The link action assumes that file with this name is located in the same folder as a currently open PDF document. The AutoBookmark provides an option to generate a link dictionary from a user-selected folder or list of files.

You need a copy of Adobe Acrobat Standard or Professional along with AutoBookmark™ plug-in installed on your computer in order to use this tutorial. You can download trial versions of both Adobe Acrobat and AutoBookmark™.
Step 1 - Open a PDF File
Start Adobe® Acrobat® application and open a PDF file using “File > Open…” menu.

Step 2 - Open “Create Links From Dictionary” Dialog
Select "Plug-ins > Links > Create Links From Dictionary..." from the main menu. This will open "Create Links From Dictionary" dialog.

Step 3 - Create New Dictionary
Press "Create New Dictionary" button to open a link editor.

Step 4 - Select Search Terms
Press "From File Names..." button to add file names as link dictionary entries.

Step 5 - Select Files to Use As Search Text
Select file/files to use as search text. “Open a file” action is automatically created to point to the file with a matching file name. The link action assumes that file with this name is located in the same folder as a currently open PDF document.
Select “All Files” button to see all files in a folder and to be able to use them for linking. All file names in the folder can be used.
Click “Open” once all desired files have been selected.

Step 6 - Generate Search Items
The dialog reports the number of entries, that have been created based on selected file(s).

Step 7 - Inspect Link “Dictionary” Entries
Inspect new search entries that have been created from the selected files.
Click ‘OK” to proceed.

Step 8 - Save Link “Dictionary”
Click “Save” button to save the link “dictionary” entries into a link dictionary file. Link dictionary file is a settings file that store search terms and corresponding actions. It can re-loaded later or shared with co-workers.

Step 9 - Start Generating Links
Optionally, click “Edit Appearance” button to change link appearance.
Click “OK” to start generating links in the currently open PDF document.

Step 10 - Examine the “Results” Dialog
The dialog reports total number of links created.
Click “OK” to close it.

Step 11 - Inspect the Results
The AutoBookmark™ plug-in has automatically created links using search terms from a list of selected files in the folder.
For example, all occurrences of “Appendix 1” and "Appending 2" text are hyperlinked to opening Appendix 1.pdf and Appendix 2.pdf files.