How to Delay Sending Emails in Microsoft Outlook
You can use rules to delay the delivery of all email messages by having them held in the Outbox for a specified time after you click Send. Specify one or more email accounts and number of minutes to wait before sending out emails.
Step 1: Open "Rules and Alerts" Dialog
Select "Home" tab/menu in Outlook and click on "More" icon.
Open Rules and Alerts dialog
Select "Rules > Manage Rules and Alerts" from the menu and press "New Rule" button.
Open Rules and Alerts dialog and press New Rule...
Step 2: Select Template
Select "Apply rule on message I send" template from the list. Press "Next >" button.
select manage rules
Step 3: Select Conditions
Check "through the specified account" box and then click on "specified" in the "Step 2" box at the bottom of the dialog to select an account.
select conditions - Check [through the specified account] box
Step 4: Select an Account
Select an account to apply this rule to. All messages that are emailed from this account will be processed by the rule.
select an account to apply this rule to
Step 5: Select "Defer Delivery" Action
Select "Defer delivery" action and then click on "a number of minutes" link in Step 2 box at the bottom of the dialog.
select defer delivery option
Step 6: Select Number of Minutes to Defer Delivery
Select number of minutes and press OK button.
select number of minutes to defer emailing
Step 7: Select Optional Exceptions
Optionally, select one or more exceptions and press "Next>>" button.
select exceptions
Step 8: Specify Name and Save
Enter rule name and optionally other processing options. Press "Finish" to save.
select exceptions
Step 9: Exit "Rules and Alerts" Dialog
Press OK button to close "Rules and Alerts" dialog. Now all emails from the selected account will be defered for the specified number of minutes.
select exceptions