Highlight Text In PDF Documents

AutoBookmark™ plug-in for Adobe® Acrobat®

AutoBookmark plug-in for Adobe Acrobat provides a set of functions for creating and manipulating text highlights, cross-outs, underlines and squgglies in the PDF documents.
Automatically Highlight Text by Search
Highlight text by search using a list of search terms using the one or more colors. Use different annotations elements – highlights, cross-outs, underlines and squiggles. Assign custom popup notes and colors to different search terms. Save and load search list into a settings files.
Highlight Text Patterns
Search documents using custom text patterns (using regular expressions syntax) and highlight all occurences of the matching text. Phone numbers, SSNs, EINs, account numbers, email addresses, currency amounts - are examples of the common text patterns that occur in many business documents. The advantage of the text patterns is that you can search for any text that conforms to the pattern without the need to know the exact text. The text pattern can be used to highlight all phone numbers in the document without the need to specifically list all possible numbers.
Text Highlighters
The AutoBookmark provides a set of pre-defined text highlighters to simplify text highligting. Use these tools to quickly highlight PDF text using multiple colors. Switching from one color to another is just a single mouse click. Pin favorite highlighters to the Acrobat's "Quick tools" bar for everyday access.
Text highlighters
Highlight Text By Search
The software can search for a list of user-specified words and phrases and automatically highlight them in the PDF document. Text can be highlighted with a single color or using 20 different automatically assigned colors (each search term is highlighted with a different color):
Create Tooltips
Use highlight annotations to create tooltips for the user-defined set of words or phrases. The word with a tooltip can be optionally highlighted with a user-selected color. The tooltip automatically popups when a mouse is placed or hovered over the corresponding text.
Create tooltips by text search
Highlight Bookmarked Text
Use this operation to highlight words and sentences in PDF document that match bookmark titles on corresponding pages. For example, if there is a bookmark “Terms and Conditions” that points to page 15, then it will highlight all occurrences of the text string “Terms and Conditions” on that page. This feature is useful when it is necessary to provide visual feedback for bookmarks in complex documents and make bookmarked text to stand out.
Highlight bookmarked text
Export Highlighted Text and Comments into Excel
Export highlighted text and associated comments (pop-up note) into a spreadsheet-ready CSV (comma-separated values) text file. The output CSV file has one record/row per annotation and contains the following columns/fields:
  1. Record - sequential index of the annotation in the document.
  2. Page - page number where annotation is located.
  3. Text - text covered by the annotation.
  4. Comment - contents of the popup note associated with the annotation.
  5. Author - name of the user who added annotation to the document.
  6. Type - annotation type: Highlight, StrikeOut, Underline, Squiggly.
  7. Color - color of the annotation expressed as an HTML color code.
  8. Created - date and time when annotation was added.
Each highlight annotation is exported as a separate record (row):
Export highlights into text or Excel file
Delete Text Highlights
Easily delete all or selected text annotations from the PDF documents with a single-mouse click. This feature is convinient when highlights are no longer needed and have to be removed from the whole or just part of the document.
Text annotations include highlights, underlines, cross-outs, squgglies and links. Annotations can be deleted by color, type, page location and text search.
Text search filter allows deleting only annotations that cover a specific text or pattern. For example, delete only annotations that contain EXPIRED in the covered text or have a 10-digit account number that starts from 1015. The options are endless. This operation uses regular expressions syntax for pattern matching that is widely used in many applications for text processing.
Action Wizard Support
The plug-in adds a several batch command for creating and managing text highlights to the Acrobat's Action Wizard. Use Action Wizard functionality to highlight text in multiple PDF documents at once.
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