How to Number Pages In PDF Document
What are PDF page labels?
Page labels provide a way to combine different page numbering schemes within one PDF file. For example, it's possible to use Roman numerals to number the first 10 pages - regular page numbering is then used from page 11 through 100  (however, this page will have a page label "1"). Roman numerals are then used again for numbering index pages at the end of the document. It is possible to enter a page label into a current page number entry. For example, type "XI" into a current page entry to go to the page with an "XI" label.
Numbering Pages in PDF Documents
Use the following procedure to create page labels (numbers) for PDF documents:
1. Open a PDF document in Adobe Acrobat.
2. Click on the "Pages" icon on the left-hand bar to expand the "Page Thumbnails" panel.
3. Select a continuous range of pages (you can also select just a single page)  that need to be numbered. To select a range of pages, click on a first page thumbnail, then hold the shift key and click on the last page thumbnail.
4. Right-click with the mouse and choose "Page Labels..." from the popup menu.
5. Specify page numbering parameters in the "Page Numbering" dialog, then press "OK" to apply them.
Available page numbering styles:
6. Use the "File > Save" menu to save page numbers (labels) back to the PDF file.