How to Re-Install EverMap Plug-ins
It is often necessary to re-install the software or move it from computer to computer. You need a setup file (full version) in order to do that. It is not possible to use a trial version, because it is might not be the version that was originally purchased by the user.
How to Locate the Setup File?
There are 3 options available how you can obtain the setup file:
  1. Search your computer for the setup file.
  2. Download the latest version of the setup file from a customer account.
  3. Manually transfer the files between computers (not recommended).
Search for Setup File
Search your computer for the full version installer that you have originally downloaded at the time of the purchase. The setup file name is different depending on the plug-in you are using:
  • AutoMailMerge plug-in -> SetupAutoMailMerge.exe
  • AutoPortfolio plug-in -> SetupAutoPortfolio.exe
  • AutoBookmark Pro plug-in -> SetupAutoBookmark.exe
  • AutoBookmark Standard plug-in -> SetupAutoBookmarkStd.exe
  • AutoSplit Pro plug-in -> SetupAutoSplitPro.exe
  • AutoSplit Standard plug-in -> SetupAutoSplit.exe
  • AutoDocMail plug-in -> SetupAutoDocMail.exe
  • AutoRedact plug-in -> SetupAutoRedact.exe
Search for SetupAuto*.exe to make sure you find multiple setup files or setup files associated with multiple-user licenses. Run the setup file and enter a serial number when prompted. Serial number is listed in the customer account at .
Download from Customer Account
If you cannot locate a setup file, then you can download the latest version of the software from the customer account at . This option is available for 2 years after the purchase or for the licenses that have current software maintenance. The login page contains detailed instructions on downloading and installing the software.
Renew Software Maintenance
If the license was purchased more than 2 years ago and is outside of the software maintenance period, then it is possible to renew maintenance at 80% discount from a corresponding full license price. The software maintenance provides additional 2 years of software support and download access to the most recent version of the application. Login into customer account at to renew the license(s).
Manual Transfer
This option is not recommended, but it some cases it can be used if the above two options do not work for the user. If the user has access to the computer where the plug-in is already installed, then it is possible to manually transfer the software from old computer to the new one. Please contact for specific instructions. This option can be used only if the same version of Adobe Acrobat is installed on both computers. This method is generally not recommended because it might cause compatibility issues when using an old plug-in with a newer version of Adobe Acrobat. The best way is to use the latest version installer downloaded from the customer account.