Bookmark Words from List in PDF Documents

Using AutoBookmark™ plug-in for Adobe® Acrobat®

This tutorial shows how to bookmark words from a list in a PDF document(s) using the AutoBookmark™ plug-in for the Adobe® Acrobat®. This function searches text in a current PDF document and bookmarks all occurrences of the words and sentences from a user-defined list.
This operation is also available in the Action Wizard (Acrobat's batch processing tool) and can be used for automating of document processing workflows.
You need a copy of the Adobe® Acrobat® along with the AutoBookmark™ plug-in installed on your computer in order to use this tutorial. You can download trial versions of both the Adobe® Acrobat® and the AutoBookmark™ plug-in.
Step 1 - Open a PDF File
Start the Adobe® Acrobat® application and open a PDF file using “File > Open…” menu.
Step 2 - Open the "Bookmark Words From List" Dialog
Select "Plug-Ins > Bookmarks > Bookmark Words From List…" to open the "Bookmark Words From List" dialog.
Step 3 - Enter Words and Sentences to Bookmark
Type each word or phrase you want to bookmark on a separate line. Alternatively, use "Load From Text File..." to import search terms from a plain text file. Use "Save As Text..." to export search terms into a plain text file to reuse it later or share with co-workers.
Use any text editor (Notepad for example) to create a list of words or phrases to bookmark or type search terms directly in the text box. Special keywords can follow each search term. Keywords examples:
  • Specify page range where a search term can be bookmarked: John Doe;Pages:1,5. This will bookmark “John Doe” only if it occurs on pages 1 through 5.
  • Specify bookmark nesting level: Subcontract;Nesting:2 . This option will place "Subcontract" bookmark at level 2 in the bookmark tree.
  • Bookmark only once per document: Box;Once.
  • Conditional bookmarking: Introduction;Label:A-211 ("Introduction" is going to be bookmarked only if there is "A-211" text present on the same page).
  • Conditional bookmarking with a text pattern: Introduction;Regex:\d{4}-\d{5}. ("Introduction" is going to be bookmarked only if there is "XXXX-XXXXX" pattern present on the same page).
Here is a text file example that is used in this tutorail:
Step 4 - Specify Matching Options
Optionally, specify matching options. Check the "Use search keywords and options" box to turn on support for special keywords. Optionally, press the “Select Pages…” button to specify a processing page range. Click "OK" once done.
Step 5 - Check the Bookmarking Stats
The dialog showing the bookmarking results will be displayed at the end of the processing. Click "OK" to finish.
Step 6 - Examine the Results
The software bookmarked all occurrences of search terms from a custom bookmarking list.