Converting Bookmarks to Use "Inherit Zoom" Zoom Type
Introduction to "Inherit Zoom" Zoom Type
Adobe Acrobat supports several different zoom types for navigational elements such as bookmarks and links. Different zoom types use different display parameters (such as position on the page or a zoom factor) that control actual bookmark behavior. When you convert a bookmark from one zoom type to another a certain parameter (such x or y position on the page) may be missing since it was not originally available. Adobe Acrobat viewer will automatically use a current page position in the viewer for such bookmarks. This can be a very convenient feature (since you can position a page in viewer once and then navigate using bookmarks while preserving page scale and relative position in the display window) or it can be a nightmare depending on your goal. Here is a simple procedure that converts bookmarks to use "Inherit Zoom" zoom type and specifies an exact position of the destination page in the display window.
Step-by-Step Instructions:
Since we do not know where original bookmarks are pointing on a page (depends on original zoom type), we can specify that information before converting bookmarks to use "Inherit Zoom":
  1. Open a document you want to edit and select “Plug-ins > Bookmarks > Set Zoom Type…” from the Acrobat menu.
  2. Choose “Zoom” -> “Custom Zoom”.
  3. Specify “Left” and “Top” coordinates. For example: “Left” –> 0, “Top“ -> 11 (inches). (11 inches is a position at the top of the letter page 8x11 inches). Modify this settings according to your page size.
  4. Apply this new zoom type.
  5. All your bookmarks at this point will be using this custom zoom type and specifically point to the top of the page.
  6. Now again select “Plug-ins > Bookmarks > Set Zoom Type…” from the main menu.
  7. Choose “Zoom” -> “Inherit Zoom”.
  8. Apply this zoom type by clicking on "OK" button.
  9. Now all your bookmarks will be using “Inherit Zoom” AND always pointing to the vertical page position you have specified at step 3.
Converting Bookmarks to Use "Inherit Zoom" Zoom Type
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