Setup Command-Line Parameters for EverMap Plug-ins

The Setup program for each EverMap plug-in for Adobe® Acrobat® accepts optional command-line parameters. These options can be useful to system administrators, and to other programs calling the Setup program. The most frequently used option is to install software without any user interaction.
Silent Install with Serial Number
Use either  /SILENT or /VERYSILENT command-line options to silently install software without prompting user for a serial number and displaying any user interface. These options instruct Setup to be silent or very silent. When Setup is silent the wizard and the background window are not displayed but the installation progress window is. When a setup is very silent this installation progress window is not displayed. Everything else is normal so for example error messages during installation are displayed and the startup prompt is. 
SetupAutoBookmark.exe /silent /serialnumber=enterserialhere
Create Log File
Use /LOG option to create a log file in the user's TEMP directory detailing file installation and [Run] actions taken during the installation process. This can be a helpful debugging aid. For example, if you suspect a file isn't being replaced when you believe it should be (or vice versa), the log file will tell you if the file was really skipped, and why. The log file is created with a unique name based on the current date. (It will not overwrite or append to existing files.) The information contained in the log file is technical in nature and therefore not intended to be understandable by end users. Nor is it designed to be machine-parseable; the format of the file is subject to change without notice.
Use /LOG="filename" to specify a fixed path/filename to use for the log file. If a file with the specified name already exists it will be overwritten. If the file cannot be created, Setup will abort with an error message.
SetupAutoBookmark.exe /LOG
Prevents the user from cancelling during the installation process, by disabling the Cancel button and ignoring clicks on the close button. Useful along with '/SILENT' or '/VERYSILENT'.
SetupAutoBookmark.exe /SILENT /NOCANCEL
Instructs Setup to suppress message boxes. Only has an effect when combined with '/SILENT' and '/VERYSILENT'.