User Testimonials

Our software is used by thousands of satisfied customers around the world. Here are just a few testimonials from actual users of our software:

«I have been a customer of EverMap for several years and have found that their products deliver a high degree of quality for a nominal price. In addition, they have one of the best technical support teams in the industry. I have always received highly satisfactory responses in a very short time. I highly recommend this company.»
Michael Fero
Assistant to the Treasurer
University of Washington
«I was tasked with archiving over ten years’ worth of financial reports for our school districts, which involved splitting and indexing literally hundreds of thousands of composite PDF reports for purchase orders, W-2’s, 1099’s, check registers and so forth. Evermap’s AutoSplit Pro did the job well-enough when I first tried it, but I wasn’t quite satisfied with how it was naming the output files. In three or four e-mail exchanges with their tech support, I explained how I thought the product should work, and unbelievably, these improvements were included in an elegant product update within just a couple of weeks~! Where in the technology world does THAT happen?! I love this company and its products.»
Steve Ramos
IT Director, Solano County Office of Education
«I must say, this is the best customer support I have ever experienced. It is far beyond what you can expect. It is quick and very helpful. The software saves me a lot of time for routine work.»
Arne Grünert
Lawyer, Norway.
«I've only used two or three of the many bookmarking or exceptionally useful link processing tools in AutoBookmark, but the software repaid its costs through time saved in a matter of days.»
Steve Foxall,
Qioptiq Ltd.
«Your tech support is awesome and sets you apart from other software developers. You respond quickly and have never failed to resolve any of my issues. I would have to say that I made the best choice possible by going with EverMap for my companies bookmarking needs.»
Chris Utter,
CampSystems, Inc.
«Their easy-to-use and absolutely indispensable plugins are only bested by their stunningly fast and accurate customer support. I can honestly say this is the best customer support I have ever experienced. That is why I will keep coming back to Evermap. »
Derek Heimlich
«The 'Sort Pages' function works beautifully. It was tested on a 1300 page (14.5Mb) technical manual. The 'Sort Bookmarks' tool puts them in alphabetical order then we sorted pages with one click. Now this document can be printed! I especially like how it respects the tree structure. Because the sort bookmarks tool allows us to sort by specific levels of the tree we can now easily move just a few a pages with a click of the mouse.»
Todd Bethell, CFM
«This has been the best tech support experience I have ever encountered. We truly appreciate the responsiveness, knowledge, accuracy and follow through. This experience will definitely make me recommend the program I am currently using as well as cause me to search out other products offered by your company.»
Grant D. Goldenberg, Esq.,
Helms Mulliss & Wicker, PLLC
«I have been very pleasantly surprised with AutoBookmark's to automate linking chores, and I have been thrilled by the technical support I've received. Great program; great help! Thanks so much!»
Herbert B. Long, Ph.D.
Communications Consultant
«I'd like to let you know how much I appreciate this plugin. It used to take us about two weeks to manually create links in a 800 page pdf that is updated yearly. Autobookmark does it in about 2 minutes!»
Mark V. (Oregon)
«I absolutely love this product [AutoSplit], it's exactly what we needed and is making a whole project possible!»
Suzanne B.
University of Rochester
«Very user friendly. Efficient. It will save me days of work for many projects!»
Willem Goovaerts,
Industrial Pharmacist
«I tried many products and none of them do what AutoSplit Pro does, and it works so flawlessly it’s really amazing. Auto-Split on matching text is the best thing since sliced bread, literally.»
Randall Laco,
Sr. Programmer/Analyst,
Financial Insurance Management Corp.
«I just purchased your pdf mail merge product. I was using another vendors product which expired when I found yours. I had my files merged and fixed within 1 hour. Thanks You Rock!»
Sharon Schmidt,
Honeybaked Ham.
«We process hundreds of high page count pdf files every week. AutoPagex and AutoBatch enable us to do this efficiently and quickly. When paired with Evermap’s service and support it is easily the best software purchase we’ve made in a long time!»
Gregg Sanders,
Malloy Inc.
«I just downloaded the latest version AutoPagex plug-in. I was using I think 1.4 and the new features are FANTASTIC! This is my favorite "ALL TIME" plugin out of all that I have. Keep up the GREAT work!»
Mark Kelcinski,
Dynamic Designs.
«Your efforts have allowed me to successfully meet my obligations to a client. In future endeavors I will be assured to keep EverMap in mind. Thanks again for the timely feedback and help.»
Robert Nickols,
Cipher Systems.
«I can't say enough about your products and more importantly your support. Honestly you have never disappointed me and you continue to add feature requests that are available within weeks of my request. EverMap has been the best money I have ever spent as a developer.»
Chris Utter,
CampSystems, Inc.
« It's $199 that is worth its weight in pdf's! I have been using AutoPortfolio plug-in for the past few days and it performs exactly as promised. The attachments are automatically bookmarked behind their parent emails. Bates numbering has been a cinch considering the volume I am working with. For those who use Summation/Concordance, it can format your output to meet your litigation software requirement. I am putting mine in a document library database and this has eliminated some unpleasants step. »
Rhonda Frank
Contract Project Manager/Paralegal
QD Consultation Group
«I’ve been using AutoBookmark for the last year now and I can’t imagine life without it. Your fabulous plug-in dramatically simplifies the work I do day in and day out. [...] it has been absolutely worth it.»
Kent Bowler
«Please pass along my appreciation to your manager – not often am I lucky enough to receive timely assistance from tech support or customer service, not to mention have the issue resolved! I appreciate your professionalism and working with me to ultimately find a solution to the issue. You have saved me hours…actually days worth of work, thank you!! »
Jennifer Winter
Financial consulting company from California
«Just finished doing the real project with AutoDocMail. Created it all just fine and e-mailed documents one after another. Thank you for your help. Great Software and Tech Support.»
Cori Toste
«Your software is a lifesaver. I had to create links for hundreds of page references, spread over 400 pages of PDF documents. Originally we did this manually, in about a week, with a team of 5 or 6 people. Now I can do it in about five minutes!»
J. Carter, Web Developer
That's My Web Guy

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