Creating PDF Chain and Cross-Reference Links using AutoBookmark Plug-in
What is "Chain Linking"?
The AutoBookmark plug-in provides a method for automatically linking multiple occurrences of the same (or different) text in a single PDF document into a hyperlink “chain”. The first occurrence of the search term points to a second one, the second one to a third one, and etc. The last occurrence of the search term is pointing back to the first occurrence of the term. Each link “chain” is a closed “loop” of hyperlinks that allows jumping from one occurrence of the text to another.
What Kind of Hyperlink "Chains" Can Be Created? 
The software provides a number of options that allows producing different configurations of hyperlink “chains”. It is possible to create either separate hyperlink chains for each search term or create a single chain that includes multiple search terms. Hyperlink chains can span multiple pages or be restricted to a single page only. The software provides control over the maximim length of the hyperlink chains. For example, use this functionality to create cross-reference chains that include only two links. It is possible to achieve a variety of different results by using various combinations of the processing options.
Example 1: Two Separate Hyperlink "Chains" 
The below example illustrates 2 link chains created on the page – one for “ADBC” (green arrows) and one for “JavaScript” keyword (red arrows). The arrows are shown just to illustrate the directions of the hyperlinks. Link chains are not limited to a single page and can span the whole document.
Example 2: Single Hyperlink "Chain" for Multiple Search Terms
The following example illustrates a single hyperlink chain for two search terms: "London" and "Paris". Link chains are not limited to a single page and can span the whole document.  
The following diagrams illustrates differences between single and multiple hyperlink chains: