Running a Mail Merge Using a Single Data Record
This tutorial demonstrates how to execute a mail merge that uses only a single data record to produce one output document. After configuring the mail merge settings, it's possible to specify which records should be processed when the operation is executed. It may sometimes be necessary to carry out the mail merge using only specific records within the data source. For example, if payroll documents need to be produced for only certain employees instead of everyone in a database. In the steps below, we will look at how to create a single output document, using a data source that contains multiple records.
Input Document Description
The input PDF form used here is the official IRS form W-2. The goal is to carry out a mail merge using a data source spreadsheet that features multiple entries, each with unique data entered under a series of field headers. Each record in the data source would be used to fill in a separate output W-2 file, but we will manually select only one record to use for the mail merge.
sample filled form
You need a copy of Adobe® Acrobat® along with the AutoMailMerge™ plug-in installed on your computer in order to use this tutorial. Both are available as trial versions.
Step 1 - Open the "Mail Merge" Dialog
Open the PDF form that you want to fill via a mail merge in Acrobat, then select "Plug-Ins > Mail Mergeā€¦" to open the "Mail Merge" dialog.
open AutoMailMerge
Step 2 - Configure a Mail Merge
Edit the settings required to complete the desired mail merge. Click here to view a sample tutorial explaining how these mail merge settings can be configured. In this example, the input PDF form is the official IRS form W-2. Any output files will be saved to a "C:\Projects\Output Folder" location. The data source "W-2_Data.xlsx" is a spreadsheet containing multiple records that will be used to create a filled-in W-2 for each individual.
Press "OK" to start the mail merge process.
execute mail merge
Step 3 - Edit Data Records
Press "View and Filter Data Records..." to select the records from the data source that will be used for the mail merge.
view/filter records
The sample data source used here contains x4 records. When there are many records and you want to process only a few, it's easier to use the "Unselect All Records" button to uncheck all of them:
unselect all records
Now use the checkboxes available to manually select any individual records that you want to process. Here, we will create one output W-2 form by selecting only the first record in the list.
Press "OK" to proceed.
select a record
Step 4 - Execute the Mail Merge
Press "Run Mail Merge" to confirm the procedure.
run mail merge
Step 5 - Inspect the Results
A results box will confirm the success of the operation. By default, pressing "OK" will open the selected output location.
view results
Open the single output PDF form to check that the relevant data has been used to fill it.
open output PDF
check filled form
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