Merging Data from Multiple PDF Forms into an Excel Spreadsheet
This tutorial shows how to merge data from multiple PDF forms into an Excel spreadsheet using the Adobe® Acrobat®. Each row in the resulting spreadsheet contains the field values from a single PDF/FDF file.
Step 1 - Open "Prepare Form" Tool in Adobe Acrobat.
Start the Adobe® Acrobat® application. Select the "Tools" from the main toolbar. Select the "Prepare Form" tool to open a form editor.
Start the Adobe Acrobat
Select any PDF form. We are selecting a form at this step merely for getting into a PDF form editor.
Open a PDF form
Click the "More" icon in the "Prepare Form" menu:
Click More
Select "Merge Data Files into Spreadsheet..." from the pop-up menu.
Select Merge Data Files into Spreadsheet
Click "Add Files" in the "Export Data From Multiple Forms" dialog.
Click Add Files
Select files containing the form data (either PDF or FDF files). Click "Open". Please note that you have to select the PDF/FDF files that originate from the same form and have the same set of fields.  
Select FDF files
Selected files would be displayed in the "Files To Export Data From" list. Click "Export" to proceed.
Click Export
Specify the output file name and location. The file is saved in the *.CSV (comma-separate values) file format. This is a common file format for the data exchange. It is supported by most spreadsheet and database applications.
Click Save
Step 2 - Examine the Results
The "Export Progress" dialog would appear showing the export progress. Click "View File Now" to open the resulting spreadsheet.
Open the resulting file
The resulting file would be opened using a default application (Microsoft Excel, for example).
Eeac data row will contain file name and field values for a single PDF/FDF file. Here is a sample of the output spreadsheet:
File example
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