Removing Blank Pages From PDF Documents with AutoPageX Plug-in
The AutoPageX plug-in "Delete Blank Pages" tool can be used to quickly delete blank pages detected within an input PDF document. Both empty pages as well as blank scanned pages can be detected and deleted.
In this tutorial, we will demonstrate how to use this tool to identify blank pages within a sample PDF document, and delete them. The input document contains multiple invoices, each separated by a single blank page. The goal is to remove these pages, so that only the invoices remain.
sample deleted pages
You need a copy of Adobe® Acrobat® along with the AutoPageX™ plug-in installed on your computer in order to use this tutorial. Both are available as trial versions.
Step 1 - Open the Tool
Open the PDF document for processing in Acrobat, and select "Plug-Ins > AutoPagex Plug-in > Delete Blank Pages..." to open the "Delete Blank Pages" dialog.
open the tool
Step 2 - Optional: Set Blank Page Sensitivity
If using a PDF containing scanned pages, it may be necessary to change the plug-in's sensitivity to blank pages. For example, scanned pages may contain some noise which the software may assume is valid page content. Optionally change the sensitivity so that the plug-in recognizes these as blank pages. To do this, first press "Set Blank Page Sensitivity...".
change sensitivity settings
In the dialog that opens, move the slider to adjust the sensitivity for scanned page quality. Alternatively, you can set the sensitivity from any sample page within the currently open document by selecting a page number (shown in the preview box), then pressing "Set From Page".
set page sensitivity
Step 3 - Delete Blank Pages
Optionally select a specific page range or subset for processing, then press "OK".
delete blank pages
Use this dialog to review the pages that the plug-in has recognized as blank. Select any listed pages to check them in the preview box, and use the "X" button to remove any from the deletion list.
Press "Delete Pages" to proceed.
review blank pages
Step 4 - Check the Results
A report box shows the number of pages that were deleted. Press "OK" to close it.
close report box
Check the document - all blank pages will have been deleted.
check remaining pages
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