Downloading and Installing EverMap Plug-ins Using Google Chrome Browser
This tutorial provides step-by-step instructions for existing customers to downloading and installing EverMap plug-ins (full product version) using Google Chrome web-browser. Click on the following links to see similar tutorials for Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox web-browsers.
Requirements: Adobe® Acrobat® 6 and up, Google Chrome web-browser.
Platforms: Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10
Step 1 - Open Webpage
Start Google Chrome application and navigate to
Step 2 - Go to the Customer Login Page
Press the “Login” button located on the website menu bar.
Step 3 - Login into Customer Account
Existing customers can login and download full product versions of the software they have purchased. The account is automatically created at the time of the purchase using email address provided on the payment form. If you do not know the password, click on "Retrieve password" link located at the bottom of the login form. Your password will be emailed to you within few minutes. Login into your account to download upgrades, view software licenses, retrieve serial numbers, purchase history, and print invoices.
Step 4 - Download Software Installer
The list of the purchases is displayed in the customer account. Press the “Download” button next to a purchased product to start downloading the plug-in on your computer.
Step 5 - Execute Downloaded File
Click on the downloaded setup file to install the software.
Step 6 - Start the "Plug-in Setup Wizard"
The "Plug-in Setup Wizard" dialog will appear. It is recommended that you close Adobe Acrobat and all web browser windows before continuing. Click "Next" to proceed with installation.
Step 7 - Confirm the License Agreement Terms
Read the License Agreement and select “I accept the agreement” to confirm the license agreement terms. Click "Next" to continue.
Step 8 - Enter User Information
Enter user name, organization name and serial number in the certain boxes. Please note that serial number is listed in the customer account, next to "Download" button. Click "Next" once done.
Step 9 - Start Installation
The "Setup Wizard" is now ready to begin installing the plug-in on your computer. Click "Install" to start installation.
Step 10 - Exit the "Setup Wizard" And Start Adobe® Acrobat®
Click "Finish" to exit the "Setup Wizard" after installation is completed. The plug-in introduction document will be opened automatically in Adobe® Acrobat®.
Step 11 - Start Using the Plug-in
All plug-in functions are available from the "Plug-Ins" menu in Adobe® Acrobat®.