Software Update for Acrobat 7.1.0 Release


On 05/07/2008, Adobe Systems Inc. released a software update for Adobe Acrobat version 7.1.0. This is a security fix for an older version of Adobe Acrobat. It appears that this patch has a bug that causes Adobe Acrobat to crash if some of the EverMap plug-ins are installed (it affects AutoBookmark, AutoPagex, AutoRedact and AutoMailMerge plug-ins). We have created a workaround for this problem and posted new builds for all affected plug-ins. If you have upgraded your copy of the Adobe Acrobat to 7.1.0, then you are strongly advised to download a new build of the plug-ins by visiting software upgrade page. Please note that only version 7.1.0 of Adobe Acrobat is affected by this problem. Contact technical support at if you need any assistance.