Splitting Documents Separated By Blank Page Using AutoSplit Pro™ Plug-in For Adobe® Acrobat®
Often a single PDF file is created by scanning a number of invoices or statements, while separating each document by a blank page. The next step is to split such PDF file into a number of separate documents at blank pages.
The following tutorial is going to illustrate how to accomplish this task by using AutoSplit Pro plug-in for Adobe Acrobat.
Input Document Description
The sample PDF document we are going to use in this tutorial contains multiple invoices (one or more pages per invoice), each separated by a blank page. The goal is to split this PDF document into separate files - one for each invoice.
Splitting Approach
The AutoSplit Pro plug-in provides a special document splitting method that allows splitting PDF document at blank pages. Software can automatically recognize both PDF blank pages (empty page in PDF document that does not contain any elements) and scanned images of blank pages (page contains image elements) and break document at those locations. Blank pages are omitted from the output.
This operation is available in Action Wizard (Acrobat's batch processing tool) and can be used for automating of document processing workflows.
You need a copy of Adobe Acrobat Standard or Professional along with AutoSplit Pro™ plug-in installed on your computer in order to use this tutorial. You can download trial versions of both Adobe Acrobat and AutoSplit Pro™.
Step 1 - Open a PDF File
Start Adobe® Acrobat® application and open a PDF file that contains blank pages as separators using “File > Open…” menu.
Step 2 - Open “Split Document Settings” Menu
Select “Plug-ins > Split Documents > Split Document…” from the main Acrobat® menu to open “Split Document Settings” dialog.
Step 3 - Select Splitting Method
Check “Use separator” box, select “Blank Page” from the list of available options.
Step 4 - Specify Blank Page Sensitivity Parameter
Adjust blank page sensitivity parameter based on the sample page from the current document. This parameter is used to separate a scanned blank page from pages that have content. The scanned blank page may contain some amount of salt-and-pepper noise that is common on faxed and scanned images.
Step 5 - Specify an Output Folder
Specify an output folder via "Browse..." button. Output files will be saved into this folder. Click "OK” button to proceed with splitting.
Step 6 - Start Extacting Process
Click “OK” in the dialog box to start the process.
Step 7 - Examine the “AutoSplit Results” Dialog
The “AutoSplit Results” dialog appears on screen once the processing is completed. The “Results” dialog list output files that were created during the processing.
Click “Open Output Folder” button to open output folder and inspect resulting documents.
Step 8 - Inspect the Results
The AutoBookmark™ plug-in has automatically split the output PDF document into separate PDF files using blank pages as separators. Every range of pages between blanks is saved into a separate PDF document. Blank pages are not included in the output documents.
This operation is available in Action Wizard (Acrobat's batch processing tool) and can be used for automating of document processing workflows.