Merge All Files in Each Subfolder into a Single PDF File
In this tutorial, we will demonstrate how to merge all files in one or more folders into single PDF files. Doing this manually for the contents of one folder at a time would be a slow process. AutoSplit™ features a tool that quickly executes this procedure on the contents of multiple folders at once.
Merged files can be saved within corresponding folders or placed in a specified output location. All file formats supported by Adobe Acrobat can be converted into PDF and merged into output files. One output PDF file is created for each input folder – and named after it. Each of the merged input documents are also bookmarked within the output PDF.
In the steps below, the goal is to merge the contents of x3 input folders into individual PDF files. Each output file is saved to the corresponding input folder, and named after it:
sample subfolder contents
You need a copy of Adobe® Acrobat® along with the AutoSplit™ plug-in installed on your computer in order to use this tutorial. Both are available as trial versions.
Step 1 - Open the Tool
Open Adobe® Acrobat® and select “Plug-ins > Merge Documents > Merge All Files in Each Subfolder into Single File...” from the main menu to open the "Merge Sub-Folders into Single PDF Files" dialog.
open the tool
Step 2 - Select Input Folder
Use this dialog to configure the document merge operation. First, select an input folder by pressing "Select Input Folder...".
add input folder
Locate the desired input folder - or the folder containing all subfolders - for processing, and press "Select Folder". In this example, C:\Data contains subfolders "A/B/C".
locate input folder
Step 3 - Confirm Output Options
By default, merged PDF files will be saved in their corresponding input folders:
save to input
Optionally uncheck this option and press "Select Output Folder..." to manually configure an output location for merged files.
select output folder
Step 4 - Optional: Create Report File
Check “Create report file” to generate a HTML format report file showing a list of all output files generated, and any errors encountered during processing. Press "Select Report File..." to choose a folder for the report to be saved in.
create processing report
Step 5 - Merge Files
Press "OK" to run the procedure.
run the procedure
A progress bar opens while processing files:
processing box
Step 6 - Inspect the Results
A report box displays the number of output files. Press "OK" to close it.
close report box
Open the processed folders to inspect the merged documents.
open output folder(s)
Here, the contents of each subfolder have been merged into one PDF. Each document has been placed in the corresponding folder, and named after it:
check output files
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