AutoBookmark™ Plug-in for Adobe® Acrobat®

Create and Manage PDF Bookmarks, Links, Table of Contents and Destinations

What is AutoBookmark™ Plug-in?
AutoBookmark™ is an advanced plug-in for Adobe® Acrobat® and Adobe® Acrobat Professional® software. AutoBookmark™ is designed to create, edit and maintain all navigational elements of PDF documents:
With AutoBookmark™ plug-in these elements can be quickly added across one or more PDF documents making long documents easier to navigate. Software is available in two levels: Standard and Professional.
Detailed Functionality Overview

PDF Bookmarking Functionality

Bookmarking of PDF Documents ↑overview
PDF bookmarks provide a navigable table of contents and usually represent the chapters and sections in a document. Bookmarks can link to various locations in an open PDF file or even another PDF file. With AutoBookmark™ plug-in bookmarks can be automatically created based on text formatting styles, indentations and document contents of PDF documents. The plug-in has special features for formatting bookmark titles and controlling their visual appearance. AutoBookmark™ also provides a friendly interface that is easy to comprehend both for advanced users and beginners.
AutoBookmark™ provides the following bookmarking features: (Bookmarking Overview)
Bookmark Creation ↑overview
Automatic bookmark generation from text content
Bookmarking text from a user-defined search list
Bookmarking text patterns
Bookmarking by example Creating bookmarks from links, text highlights, comments and destinations
Creating bookmarks from ASCII text files
"Binding" PDF documents with common navigational bookmarks
Adding bookmarks to files and folders
Copying bookmarks from other documents
Bookmarking every Nth page
"Bookmark Current Page" Tool
Bookmark Editing ↑overview
Linking existing bookmarks to external files
Validating bookmarks
Spell checking bookmarks
Sorting bookmarks
Sorting pages based on bookmark order
Duplicating bookmarks
Merging duplicate titles
Replacing bookmark text
Swapping bookmark levels
Adding and removing leading numbers
Adding text before and after bookmark titles
Expanding or collapsing bookmark levels
Editing bookmark visual appearance
Changing bookmark nesting levels
Removing bookmark actions and child items
Deleting bookmark levels
Changing bookmark zoom
Changing text case
Converting bookmarks to use named destinations
Deleting all bookmarks in a document
Converting "File" action to "Open a weblink" action
Bookmark Printing, Exporting, Batch Processing ↑overview
Printing bookmark titles and bookmarked pages
Exporting bookmarks to text, HTML and XML
Copying bookmarks from other documents
Printing bookmark titles on corresponding pages
Batch processing support
Extracting bookmarked pages and pages with comments and highlights.

PDF Linking Functionality

Linking in PDF Documents ↑overview
Links are an essential part of any well designed PDF document. Clicking a link in a PDF document is similar to clicking a link on a web page. Links can take you to another location in the current document, to other PDF documents or files, to websites, play media files or even execute a menu item. Creating links manually is a tedious and time consuming process especially for long documents. AutoBookmark™ plug-in provides a set of easy-to-use software tools for automated link generation and editing.
AutoBookmark™ provides the following linking features: (Linking Overview)
Creating PDF Links ↑overview
Automatic link generation for user-defined words and phrases
Creating chain and cross-reference links
Adding links to page numbers and table of contents
Adding links to web URLs and email addresses
Adding links by text search
Importing links from ASCII text file
PDF Link Editing ↑overview
Inspecting link actions
Editing existing link and bookmark actions
Editing file and web references
Changing a visual appearance
Changing a zoom type
Editing link areas
Changing open preference for linked documents
Converting links to use named destinations
Deleting links from selected pages or whole document
Validating PDF Links and Working With Errors ↑overview
Creating a link report
Working with link errors
Cleaning up links and bookmarks
Fixing file link errors in document sets
Link Exporting and Batch Processing ↑overview
Exporting links to ASCII text files for advanced editing
Batch processing support

Named Destinations

Creating and Managing PDF Destinations ↑overview
A destination is the end point of a link or a bookmark in a PDF document. It is represented by text in the "Destinations" pane of Adobe® Acrobat®. Destinations allows setting navigational paths across a collection of PDF documents. Using named destinations is recommended when linking across multiple documents, because unlike linking to a page, linking to a destination is not affected by page addition or deletion in a single document. AutoBookmark™ Named destinations can also be used to open a PDF document from HTML script "href" tag at a desired place. Manually creating named destinations is a time consuming and tedious task. The AutoBookmark™ set of functions helps to solve this problem quickly and efficiently.
Destinations Functionality ↑overview
AutoBookmark™ provides the following features for named destinations: (Destinations Overview)
Creating destinations from bookmarks
Creating destinations from links
Creating destinations from Bates numbers Creating page labels from Bates numbers Creating bookmarks from named destinations
Exporting named destinations to a text file
Importing named destinations from a text file
Deleting all named destinations

Adding Table of Contents

Use AutoBookmark to generate table of contents of one or more PDF document with hyperlinked page numbers from existing bookmarks. New pages containing the generated table of contents are automatically inserted in the PDF document.
Visual Page Index provides an alternative way to add visual table of contents to PDF documents. Use it to generate page index with hyperlinked thumbnail images of PDF pages.

Highlighting Text in PDF Documents

Highlight Functionality ↑overview
AutoBookmark™ provides the following features for text highlights: (Text Highlighting Overview)

Moving, Deleting and Labeling Pages

Managing Pages ↑overview
The AutoBookmark™ provides the following features for managing pages in PDF documents. If you want more page manipulation functionality then look at AutoSplit and AutoPagex plug-ins.

AutoBookmark™ Product Levels

Product Levels: Standard vs Professional ↑overview
The software is available in two product levels: Standard and Professional. Both levels have identical functionality except batch processing support (batch processing commands for: bookmarking, linking), that is available only in AutoBookmark™ Professional plug-in. All other features, menus and toolbars are the same.
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System Requirements

System Requirements

Platforms: ↑overview
 Microsoft® Windows 11/10/Windows 8/Windows 7/Windows Server 2012/2016/2019.
Software: ↑overview
Full version of Adobe® Acrobat® software is required - Acrobat Standard or Professional (32/64-bit versions 9, X, XI, 2015, 2017-2020, DC).
This software will not work with free Adobe Acrobat® Reader®.
Batch processing functionality requires presence of Adobe® Acrobat Professional®.
(Adobe Acrobat Product Comparison Chart).
«I've only used two or three of the many bookmarking or exceptionally useful link processing tools in AutoBookmark, but the software repaid its costs through time saved in a matter of days.»
Steve Foxall, Qioptiq Ltd.
«I'd like to let you know how much I appreciate this plugin. It used to take us about two weeks to manually create links in a 800 page pdf that is updated yearly. Autobookmark does it in about 2 minutes!»
Mark V. (Oregon)
«Your tech support is awesome and sets you apart from other software developers. You respond quickly and have never failed to resolve any of my issues. I would have to say that I made the best choice possible by going with EverMap for my companies bookmarking needs. »
Chris Utter, CampSystems, Inc.
«The 'Sort Pages' function works beautifully. It was tested on a 1300 page (14.5Mb) technical manual. The 'Sort Bookmarks' tool puts them in alphabetical order then we sorted pages with one click. Now this document can be printed! I especially like how it respects the tree structure. Because the sort bookmarks tool allows us to sort by specific levels of the tree we can now easily move just a few a pages with a click of the mouse.»
Todd Bethell, CFM
«This has been the best tech support experience I have ever encountered. We truly appreciate the responsiveness, knowledge, accuracy and follow through. This experience will definitely make me recommend the program I am currently using as well as cause me to search out other products offered by your company.»
Grant D. Goldenberg, Esq., Helms Mulliss & Wicker, PLLC
«I have been very pleasantly surprised with AutoBookmark's to automate linking chores, and I have been thrilled by the technical support I've received. Great program; great help! Thanks so much!»
Herbert B. Long, Ph.D.
Communications Consultant
«I’ve been using AutoBookmark for the last year now and I can’t imagine life without it. Your fabulous plug-in dramatically simplifies the work I do day in and day out. [...] it has been absolutely worth it.»
Kent Bowler
«Your software is a lifesaver. I had to create links for hundreds of page references, spread over 400 pages of PDF documents. Originally we did this manually, in about a week, with a team of 5 or 6 people. Now I can do it in about five minutes!»
J. Carter, Web Developer
That's My Web Guy
«Exemplary service from Evermap when an issue was found. They are not a sell and ignore company.»
Charles Enatel