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"You do not have permissions to access this file" Error Message
You are running Adobe Acrobat in Protected Mode that blocks all non-PDF file access. Please see the following link for detailed instructions on how to turn it off.
"Invalid plug-in detected" Error Message
You are getting this error when installing plug-ins on Acrobat Reader. All our plug-ins are for the full versions of Adobe Acrobat – Standard or Professional. Acrobat Reader is just a document viewer that does not allow creating new or modifying existing files. Please install a correct version of the Adobe Acrobat and re-install the plug-in. If you have both a full version (Standard or Pro) and Acrobat Reader on the same computer, then please uninstall Reader to avoid potential conflict between two different versions of Acrobat running on the same computer.
No "Plug-ins" Menu Is Visible
Please see the following page for detailed instructions.

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Send Us an Email
Email your technical questions to tech@evermap.com. Please do not forget to specify a product name you are inquiring about. It is also a good idea to attach sample documents that are relevant to your question.
Working Hours
Technical support working hours are: Monday - Friday, 6 am - 3 pm Pacific Time (9 am - 6 pm Eastern Time).
Average response time is 1-3 hours if you contact us during our normal hours of operation. In most cases, we try to reply within few minutes. If you contact us during our normal working hours, and we are unable to respond on the same working day, we will contact you on the next working day.

Installation and Release Info

How to Install Full Version of the Software
You need a full version installer and a serial number to install a full version of the software. You can access both by logging into customer account. The serial number is listed in the customer account right next to "Download" button for the corresponding software license.
  1. Go to www.evermap.com and click on "Login" menu.
  2. Login into your account using your email and password. If you do not know your password, then use "Retrieve Password" link located right below the login form.
  3. Once logged in, located the serial number for the software product and use it for the installation.
  4. Press "Download" button next to the license.
  5. Run downloaded installer and enter a serial number when prompted.
Where to find serial number
Frequently Asked Questions
Check a list of our frequently asked questions (FAQ). You may find an answer for your question right away.
Product Release News
Check release news to see if a new version of a product is available to download.
Extended Tech Support
Need expert advice, assistance, new feature or consulting help? Take a look at our Extended Technical Support service.